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Mini Series Addicts Anonymous

Classic Lit Made-For-TV

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Classic Literature Made-For-TV
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If you dig a good mini series, made-for-tv movie, this community is for you!

New Member Application
1. What is your favorite mini series? (feel free to list more than one!)
2. Which mini series do you wish would never end?
3. What's the worst mini series ever made?
4. Which mini series do you wish would be made into a full-budgeted movie?
5. What's your favorite mini series network?
6. Which novel or story would make a great mini series, but hasn't been made yet?
7. Who is your favorite mini series character?

Be nice, be kind, stay on the topic of mini series (made for tv movies, dramas, epics, etc.)... and I'll make up the rest from there. :-)

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